AgriXP for consultants and agronomists is one of the most advanced web applications for crop and field management. It allows Crop Experts to deploy and follow recommendations and stay in touch with farmers.

How does it works?

AgriXP for agronomists, consultants, farm workers and multi-farm managers has been carefully designed to provide real experience with crop monitoring, farm works and scouting.

Getting Started:

    Create your account and validate your email in less than a minute.
    Create or choose a template farm and set-up your inputs and recommendations.
    Prescribe inputs and activities for multiple fields and farms at once.
    Track the status of your recommendations: [Pending], [In progress] or [Done].


Sharing and collaboration become easy again.

Use your master account to access all farms in one place. Create a default account with custom inputs for all your farms. Share it with different security levels: guest, advisor, administrator or employee.

Targeted training.

Add more value to your services by providing training to farmers in your area or group.

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Crop planning and input recommendations made easy.

Deploy fertilizer and pesticide recommendations and schedule any activity to be done later by any user. AgriXP’s dynamic dashboard displays a snapshot of your farms.

Multi-farm management. Having same data on hand to log for many farms, simply switch from one farm to another with one click while keeping the current view.

A dashboard that works.

The adviser's dashboard presents another way of visualizing and planning your customer's activities.

Remember! Your data belongs to you and your farmers.
To reinforce this commitment, we have added additional feature to export all data from each of your customers to Excel Spreadsheet. This feature is exclusive to AgriXP.

Crop-Experts spend large part of their day visiting many fields for various farms. Stop touching your phone or flipping roadmaps while driving. With only 3 clicks, change the farm, select another field and get the route.

Preview field entrance and drive safely to your next field.

Communicate effectively.
AgriXP’s internal communication system allows bidirectional communication with the farmer or with all users via calendar planning.

Cloud based. Your data is available any time you need it.

Lost your phone! stolen or broken laptop! hate viruses!
No need to be afraid of losing your important data again, everything is secure and stored on the cloud with a daily backup.

Complete traceability for fields and crops.

Be more productive. As a crop expert or consultant, you would like to diagnose a drop in yield and create a step-by-step chronological report for all activities, AgriXP calendar gives you that in two clicks by even indicating daily weather details.

Generate pesticide record for each farm.
Agronomist, independent consultant, Ag. custom workers and applicators: AgriXP has several pdf and Excel reports for each of your customers.

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