AgriXP | The field logbook with crop budget calculator, cost control and pesticide record. Field and crop activities, records and farming weather.


& Crop Budget calculator

What's new in this version?

  • Ver., October 2021 New
  • Optimize your crop budget calculator.
  • Ver.7.5.2, January 2021
  • Improve field boundaries import: FSAfarm+ and FADQ.
  • Import Google Earth™ (.kml, .kmz) boundaries and shapefiles (.sh)
  • New skin: Dark-elegant mode.
  • Ver.7.5.1, October 2020
  • Crop budget calculator with crop planner (eg. Excel)
  • Forecast budget.
  • Production costs and optimization.
  • Income by crop, field and variety.
  • Optional land cost integration.
  • Crop rotation scenarios and profitability.
  • Options for perennial crops.
  • Pesticide record in one click.
  • Ver.7.0.1, June 2019
  • Choose a theme to dress AgriXP.
  • Add approved bio-pesticides list.
  • New activities: Bio control, crop insurance.
  • Ver.7.0, April 2019
  • Added 24-hour weather table and UV Index.
  • Added hourly spraying forecast index.
  • Crop rotation planner added.
  • AgriXP Express for mobile added.
  • Employees or users' Time sheet.
  • Ability to add objects on your field map.
  • Redesigned storage and bin manager.
  • Crop Budget initialization (version 7.5)
  • Ver.6.2, October 2018
  • New crop types added to the database.
  • New activity types added to the database
  • Improve crop experts' and agronomists' interface.
  • Several suggested improvements.
  • Ver.6.0, April 2018
  • Dynamic Crop Advisor's panel added
  • Pesticide, herbicide and Neonics report (PDF), added.
  • Fertilizer, pesticides and activities recommendation platform added.
  • To-Do List for employees and agronomists added.
  • User can now have a quick preview of what is happening around his farm.
  • Fields, crops, activities, inputs can be exported to Excel.
  • Summary report of the season available in PDF.
  • Ver.5.9, November. 2017
  • Search any activity by user, crop type or even date range.
  • The farmer or crop advisor can change employees' and guests' rights.
  • Farm weather gains more accuracy.
  • Printing: Weather 7 days, hour by hour and calendar.
  • Increased navigation speed and more...
  • Ver.5.5, July. 2017
  • Your experience with the app is now displayed as 1 to 5 stars.
  • Added: Activity duration and user dedicated for the task.
  • Added: Planned activities versus done activities.
  • Added: ft2 and m2 as field units for greenhouse and garden account only.
  • Ver.5.0, May. 2017
  • Follow quantities harvested (Bins, warehouses and deliveries)
  • Contract management
  • Input inventory (Multi-years)
  • Partner, client and Broker Management
  • Ver.4.0, Jan. 2017
  • Your data can now be exported and transferred to any software of your choice: Excel or PDF. You can copy and print your data as well.
  • Farm weather center linked to your farm plan: Forecast provided for all 7 days and hour-by-hour
  • Draw at least one field to begin accumulating your farm weather history: rainfall, crop heat units (CHU), growing degree days (GDD), and preview them on your calendar.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Version 3.5, August 2016
  • Calendar preview added
  • Message and support center added
  • Social network added
  • Redesign help center
  • Bugs fix
  • Version 3.0, May 2016
  • The application now supports two languages
  • Crop and Manure summary box added to Crop List page
  • Multiuser access (Sharing: User can create many users to manage one farm)
  • User can create his own inputs
  • User can add a picture or logo of his farm and profile
  • User can fully custom tailored his farm settings
  • Version 2.5, April 2015
  • Multi farm access (Sharing: One user can create more than one farm)
  • Map tool is added
  • Multiuser access (Sharing: User can create many users to manage one farm)
  • Fields and farms can now be inactivated
  • User can add activities and inputs to a crop
  • Many improvements
  • AgriXP is launched: April 2010
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How does it works?

AgriXP is a zero-training crop planner designed by farmers and their crop consultants to track field data. AgriXP allows the farmer, employees and your crop consultants to log all field activities. Interact directly or remotely with your employees and agronomists.

Agribusinesses and agronomists

Interact with all of your farms remotely via the advisor dashboard and deploy your recommandations from one master account. Learn more here...

Getting Started:

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Crop Budget culculator and production costs.

AgriXP is now more powerful than ever, far beyond the competition. Our production costs with crop budget center is the most robust on the market.

    Did you make less or more income this year? Find the field, the crop or the variety involved and compare production costs by crop.
    Plan like a Pro, with profitable crop rotation and compare forecasted profit.
    Several yield scenarios warn you if an extreme loss of income is expected.
    Set up your costs & fees once, and see your economic summary unfold before your eyes.
    Group Revenue / Expenses and average yields by crops, varieties and fields.
    Add land costs to make sure that the rented field is profitable for the planned crop.

Continuous Improvements

We are continually adding new useful features suggested by farmers. Feel free to contact us to suggest a feature that could make your life easier.


    Field, crop, spray records and other activities can be printed or exported to Excel or PDF.
    Complete traceability: from seed supplier to buyer via AgriXP bin and warehouse manager with bushel-to-ton converter.

Our commitment

Cost: Always Free for small farms! No need to break the bank. AgriXP offers a Premium version with multi-farm dashboard dedicated for medium and big farms, consultants, crop advisors and custom-work agribusinesses. Compare versions here.

AgriXP is free for small farms; that doesn't mean we don't care about adding new exciting features that you would expect from other similar, but expensive applications with endless training sessions.

Remember, existing free accounts remain free.

Exclusive features

    AgriXP is designed to be user-friendly for farmers and their crop consultants or agronomists.
    AgriXP is confidential, secure, and safe. All your information is only accessible by you and other approved users like employees or crop advisors.
    AgriXP actively assists farmers for various certifications and regulatory requirements (food safety, pesticide records, waiting period, spraying and fertilizer records, climatic conditions ...)
    Seed Growers: Print beautiful and accurate map and keep track of your varieties years after years.
    Certified organic farmers, Global or Local GAP: keep track of your records.

Cloud based. Your data is available any time you need it.

Lost your phone! stolen or broken laptop! viruses!
No need to be afraid of losing your important data again, everything is secure and stored on the cloud with a daily backup.

Remember! Your data belongs to you.
Export almost all of your data to Excel Spreadsheet. This free feature is exclusive to AgriXP.

Partner for Certification and Regulations

Don’t get caught unprepared again for your audit. Generate your report in one click and demonstrate product traceability.

100% bias-free. AgriXP is TOTALLY unlinked, completely independent and bias-free. We are not affiliated with any banner or manufacturer and don’t sell any farm input.

You already have your field’s boundaries via Google Earth© (.Kml, .kmz), FSAfarm+, FADQ or any geolocated shapefile (.shp), it can be imported directly into your AgriXP account.

This feature requires manual intervention to verify and ensure coordinate accuracy. It comes standard for users with valid subscription plan.

Import your field Boundaries.

Your pesticide and spray record in one click.
AgriXP is enriched with several pdf and Excel reports that can be retrieved at the end of each season and saved as a backup.

Complete traceability for fields and crops.

Crop damage report Having a crop damage or loss and can't trust your memory to create a step-by-step timeline report, AgriXP Calender gives you that in two clicks including daily weather details.

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